dissertationserviceuk.com Overview:

Dissertation Service is a UK custom dissertation writing service. However, they do have two other locations – the U.S. and India. All of their writers are experienced in dissertation and academic writing. Not to mention the fact that there writers also hold degrees. We are unsure as to how long this online dissertation writing service has been in business but based on their website it does seem like they know what they are doing. Many people who have left reviews of dissertation service feel as though they are one of the top dissertations writing service in the U.K. and should also be listed as one of the U.K’s top dissertation writing services.


  • Samples available: Dissertation Service allows customers to see samples of their work so they can be sure that the quality of their dissertation writing services is up to their standards.
  • Certified Company: Dissertation Service has a certified logo at the bottom of their website, dissertationserviceuk.com, which can insure you that they are not a scam or a fraud
  • Discounts: Dissertation Service offers discounts to their customers to insure that they are paying an affordable amount of money for their custom dissertation writing.


  • No prices listed: There are no prices listed on dissertationserviceuk.com. So you will be clueless until you contact them for further information. However, they also add in an extra fee if you choose any other contact method outside of email. This is the first time we have seen a dissertation writing service charging to be contacted and place and order so this may turn some people out because it seems they are trying to scam people out of extra money. Also, since there are no prices available their rates may be super high and the discount they provide may not help you out that much at all.